After many days of deliberation and preparation we are nearly ready for our Kickstarter Campaign. Since I’ve heard of it, I have been fascinated with this website.

What is kickstarter?

First of all it offers an all-or nothing style of crowd funding. Which means if a project isn’t fully funded, the project creator doesn’t receive anything. This protects their host of generous contributors, and encourages creators to utilize Kickstarter’s second policy.

Mostly-selfless Funding

For every pledge you have to provide a small gift. This is the part that separates a well planned project from the rest. Gifts are encouraged to be unique and thoughtful so that your altruistic contributors can feel special for believing in the project. Altruistic? That’s right, other than a small percentage of the raised funded that kickstarter takes, the acquired funding, the idea and the future profits remain an exclusive right of the creator.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Along with getting funding Kickstarter is a great way of testing products, as well as establishing an early fan base. A solid marketing plan is essential to the campaign because the same people who will be your customers will probably be your contributors as well.

Who are the Contributors?

They are your family members, friends, teachers, ex employers, and people who love the idea.

Who is it for?

Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, professional and amateur anythings.

Doe it work?


As we near the launch of our campaign, I’ll be posting things we’ve discovered and learned along the way.



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