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What Entrepreneurs can Learn from Back to the Future.

“Live as if you’re from the future”

Time-travel movies are a trend that have survived decades and continue to push our imagination with questions of do-over’s and paradoxes. With the popularity of movies like Primer and books like Michael Crichton’s Time Line, the future of time travel topics is safeguarded from disinterest. The concept that many beginning entrepreneurs can take an example from when planning their venture is best illustrated the famous teenage time traveler—Marty Mcfly. To be specific these are strategies that could be vital to the success of your project or business.

       1.Live as if you’re from the future.  If the Back to the Future was about Marty’s life in his present time period, it would more or less just be a teen-flick with a typical likeable but misanthropic teenager. But, fortunately, the story focuses on Marty trying to get back to his correct time period and not changing the time line.

Lesson: Have a five year plan for business, and make decisions based on the the future of your business.

       2.Be resourceful. Remember the scene, where Doc Brown and Marty use lightening to power the DeLorean? This is what you should learn from it.

Lesson: Compare everything you know when planning the use of resources. Hobbies, skills, acquaintances and general knowledge, used in different combinations can provide entirely different solutions. Ex: Lightening destroys a clock tower, but it can also power a time machine.

      3.Be Compelling. Not even Doc brown, who would invent the time-machine in Marty’s time, would believe him when he first told him about it. It’s only after he sees the DeLorean and the video from the future that he believes Marty and decides to help him.

Lesson. All new ideas have the disadvantage of being doubted. Just as Marty needed to prove to Doc Brown with provable evidence, but also compelled him to help with the mention of his girlfriend and his life.

       4.Be Ethical. This one comes from Doc Brown in the second installment of Back to the Future, when Doc Brown tries to prevent Marty from taking the sports almanac.

Lesson. Businesses as institutions of civilization have as much at stake when it comes to ethics as people. Though unethical decisions may allow a business owner to capitalize on an opportunity, it is at the risk of losing trust or confidence with existing and potential customers. If you don’t have that, have fun being part of the statistic of failed businesses.

Planning for the future is a step that we all have to eventually take, but for entrepreneurs of any age it’s a daily reality. It’s not an easy thing to do considering on a long enough time-line anything could happen, but by being prepared, resourceful, ethical and compelling you just might find a successful business in your future.


Easy steps for building awesome Contacts on Facebook.

By khan Shadid ()

A contact list serves many purposes in a social network. On Facebook user generated content is published as a status stream; a stream that is visible based on a contact list. Imagine ten million people posting status updates and just seeing those of the people in your contact list. Now imagine that same status stream turning into a status river on Twitter, as updates from businesses, celebrities, friends, clubs, teams, athletes all flow through the same status stream—or status river!

Considering the importance of a contact list to major Social Networks, how important is a contact list to networking anyways. It’s important for two reasons.

  • Existing contacts are a great place to get suggestions for new contacts.
  • Keeping a contact list allows you to revisit old contacts.

When properly Utilized Facebook’s suggest friends feature is probably the most powerful tool Available on the social network. For new users, it’s the same as being introduced to people on your first day of school or work. It’s with existing users that the importance of this feature can go unnoticed.

So here are some easy ways of using your contact list to your advantage:

  1.  Share Profiles with Friends. That’s right there is a share button under the friends list of every Facebook profile that allows you to post it to your wall. Attach a practical reason why you think other people should know about them (profession, skill, their putting on an event, doing something great etc.) and hit post. Not only is this a great way of helping someone out, but also a great way to build your own credibility. Just remember how these people behave is a reflection on you.
  2. Use Facebook Groups.  Create a group for something you’re interested in and invite other’s to join. The important part is to provide something that will keep them coming back for more, as well as contribute. The group would grow just by members inviting others, as long as there is a reason, and soon enough you’ll have a micro community of well developed contacts.
  3. Friend’s list. Faebook allows you to create lists of friends. This is a great way of managing personal contacts and professional contacts.
  4. Committing to Networking. Like anything else you have to commit to networking, and like all commitments there has to be a reason for it. Don’t make building a contact list your mission, build meaningful contacts. You can think of the process of networking in the following steps:

Defining a Goal and Reward. Establish why you are networking and what should be the outcome.

Searching for specificity. Finding solid contacts is all about narrowing down the search. Factors that can help narrow a search: and understanding of the field, knowledge of friends and family members in field, and well communicated queries. The best start to networking is well defined query, because it’s easy to communicate and easy for someone who can’t help you to repeat back to someone who can.

Be Genuine. Assume everyone has the same distaste for bullshit as you do and that they are as good as you are at detecting it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t cost you anything; but if it does you just made a solid professional first impression.

               Social networks were designed to facilitate networking, not do the work for you. In your quest for great and exciting contacts, remember that people look for honesty and passion.

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Has Fresno Developed an Inferiority-complex?

Does Fresno have an inferiority-complex?

I read a very passionate and rightfully dissatisfied article from article by Mike Osegueda today. The subject of the article: “Fresno’s inferiority-complex”, or how some residents to continuously tear down their own home town.

It’s almost impossible to grow up here without explicitly participating or being subjected to it at some point or another. Here are a few things people complain about and ways it can be easily avoided. (Proof that these excuses are extremely lame.)

There is nothing to do.(Wrong) This excuse best illustrates the stigma some people have of other areas of Fresno. The most commonly effected is the downtown district of Fresno. Despite great businesses such as Iron Bird Cafe, The Treasury, and the Fulton55 the down town is still seen as lacking.

Why not spend the effort that goes into treating different areas of Fresno like High School cliques and stereotypes, into exploring events at different areas of town?

It’s hard to hear about things.(Wrong again.) This is only possible if you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or friends or family members in town. So basically only if you’re new here. Otherwise, the trend I notice is that some people will blame Fresno for their personal lacking of a well informed network.

If you’re not associating with active people, you’re not associating with informed people.  Associate with  people who are willing to try to things on their own or as group.

There is no Culture. (You baffle me.) If you believe this you have clearly never heard of things like Arthop, bands like Tokyo Death March and Fierce Creatures, or ever seen Stephanie Allison’s art on display.

I have saved the best for last.

When I hear people say that Fresno doesn’t have a culture, it’s infuriating as a resident as well as an art and music fan. I hear talk of leaving for Los Angeles or San Francisco because there is culture there. As if it’s paint at Home Depot, and since they don’t have maroon they have to go to Lowe’s.

Culture is created through participation and some residents of Fresno have forgotten that.

Maybe, that’s the reason for their self-loathing.

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