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Has Fresno Developed an Inferiority-complex?

Does Fresno have an inferiority-complex?

I read a very passionate and rightfully dissatisfied article from article by Mike Osegueda today. The subject of the article: “Fresno’s inferiority-complex”, or how some residents to continuously tear down their own home town.

It’s almost impossible to grow up here without explicitly participating or being subjected to it at some point or another. Here are a few things people complain about and ways it can be easily avoided. (Proof that these excuses are extremely lame.)

There is nothing to do.(Wrong) This excuse best illustrates the stigma some people have of other areas of Fresno. The most commonly effected is the downtown district of Fresno. Despite great businesses such as Iron Bird Cafe, The Treasury, and the Fulton55 the down town is still seen as lacking.

Why not spend the effort that goes into treating different areas of Fresno like High School cliques and stereotypes, into exploring events at different areas of town?

It’s hard to hear about things.(Wrong again.) This is only possible if you don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, or friends or family members in town. So basically only if you’re new here. Otherwise, the trend I notice is that some people will blame Fresno for their personal lacking of a well informed network.

If you’re not associating with active people, you’re not associating with informed people.  Associate with  people who are willing to try to things on their own or as group.

There is no Culture. (You baffle me.) If you believe this you have clearly never heard of things like Arthop, bands like Tokyo Death March and Fierce Creatures, or ever seen Stephanie Allison’s art on display.

I have saved the best for last.

When I hear people say that Fresno doesn’t have a culture, it’s infuriating as a resident as well as an art and music fan. I hear talk of leaving for Los Angeles or San Francisco because there is culture there. As if it’s paint at Home Depot, and since they don’t have maroon they have to go to Lowe’s.

Culture is created through participation and some residents of Fresno have forgotten that.

Maybe, that’s the reason for their self-loathing.

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