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Kickstarter Gift Examples

Strategically choosing a donation/gift tier is key to a successful project. A thoughtful and unique gift gives the receiver a great new product, a unique understanding, makes them feel good about themselves, and even gives them bragging rights.

Don’t just think of what you think would be a great gift idea. To put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is that the your gift  extrinsically and intrinsically communicates the value of your project.  So research, ask questions, and repeat until you are confident.

Fiction Book


If the novel you’re trying to get funded was inspired by a short story, turn it into an exclusive gift. If it wasn’t inspired by one, then write one that best encapsulates your characters and captures the essence of the books.

FREE Chapters

Give out a few free chapters for each of the pledge tiers so that if they pay the highest amount they get the entire book.

Thank you page

A page in the book where the author thanks the those the pledged the most. Including a message from each of therm.

Ask yourself what effect is making pledge having on your supporter. What are they getting out of it?


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