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What Entrepreneurs can Learn from Back to the Future.

“Live as if you’re from the future”

Time-travel movies are a trend that have survived decades and continue to push our imagination with questions of do-over’s and paradoxes. With the popularity of movies like Primer and books like Michael Crichton’s Time Line, the future of time travel topics is safeguarded from disinterest. The concept that many beginning entrepreneurs can take an example from when planning their venture is best illustrated the famous teenage time traveler—Marty Mcfly. To be specific these are strategies that could be vital to the success of your project or business.

       1.Live as if you’re from the future.  If the Back to the Future was about Marty’s life in his present time period, it would more or less just be a teen-flick with a typical likeable but misanthropic teenager. But, fortunately, the story focuses on Marty trying to get back to his correct time period and not changing the time line.

Lesson: Have a five year plan for business, and make decisions based on the the future of your business.

       2.Be resourceful. Remember the scene, where Doc Brown and Marty use lightening to power the DeLorean? This is what you should learn from it.

Lesson: Compare everything you know when planning the use of resources. Hobbies, skills, acquaintances and general knowledge, used in different combinations can provide entirely different solutions. Ex: Lightening destroys a clock tower, but it can also power a time machine.

      3.Be Compelling. Not even Doc brown, who would invent the time-machine in Marty’s time, would believe him when he first told him about it. It’s only after he sees the DeLorean and the video from the future that he believes Marty and decides to help him.

Lesson. All new ideas have the disadvantage of being doubted. Just as Marty needed to prove to Doc Brown with provable evidence, but also compelled him to help with the mention of his girlfriend and his life.

       4.Be Ethical. This one comes from Doc Brown in the second installment of Back to the Future, when Doc Brown tries to prevent Marty from taking the sports almanac.

Lesson. Businesses as institutions of civilization have as much at stake when it comes to ethics as people. Though unethical decisions may allow a business owner to capitalize on an opportunity, it is at the risk of losing trust or confidence with existing and potential customers. If you don’t have that, have fun being part of the statistic of failed businesses.

Planning for the future is a step that we all have to eventually take, but for entrepreneurs of any age it’s a daily reality. It’s not an easy thing to do considering on a long enough time-line anything could happen, but by being prepared, resourceful, ethical and compelling you just might find a successful business in your future.


John Steinbeck and Raymond Chandler’s Impact on Comunikin

An idea evolves like an amorphous blob taking shape. If you watch it long enough, limbs emerge and take hold of whatever thought floating in the mind. Until Time Control learns to speak for itself, I will layout some of the ideas that provided its footing and nourishment.

Two men in particular have influenced the abilities of Time Control. Both are writers by profession, Americans by nationality, and both left their mark on American literature and now on a social network.

Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man. It happens to nearly everyone. You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse burning toward dynamite. It is a feeling in the stomach, a delight of the nerves, of the forearms. The skin tastes the air, and every deep-drawn breath is sweet. Its beginning has the pleasure of a great stretching yawn; it flashes in the brain and the whole world glows outside your eyes. ” -East Of Eden

I read John Steinbeck’s East of Eden when I was a senior in High School, and even now the descriptions leave a residue in my mind like the after taste of candy. Compare this to Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep:

Tall, aren’t you?” she said. 
“I didn’t mean to be.”
Her eyes rounded. She was puzzled. She was thinking. I could see, even on that short acquaintance that thinking was always going to be a bother to her. – The Big Sleep

Just as there is a sense of magic in the way Steinbeck can strategically describe an unseen and, to others, an unfelt sensation; there is a compelling energy in the way Chandler drives his stories with action and tone. It is these two styles that help define the nature of Time Control

It is a style that can alternate between action and strategic, as quickly as navigating from Time Control to it Social Calendar component–as quickly as switching from planning for the future to making decisions in the present.

Time Control’s repeat feature allows users to contemplate and strategically place events, and then set it to repeat for a defined amount of time. With active use it would be self-evident that some activities repeat more than we expect. That there are patterns within our daily realities whose frequency escapes us, and without an awareness of them we cannot affect them for the betterment of self.

Though strategy can provide an advantage, it requires quick action to take advantage. In lieu of Chandler’s verb driven mystery plots, the Social Calendar provides verb driven plans on the fly. The Social Calendar arranges public events and available friends based on the user’s free time, so that from a single screen users can find an activity and find available friends and tie it all together.

Together they provide a way for users to build balanced schedules without sacrificing flexibility, allowing it to provide social and practical solutions.

If you like the style, remember to make a pledge in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and help us bring it to audiences.

Fresno VS. Comunikin:3 problems and 1 Solution

According to the Fresno County website there are approximately 286,861 people living in Fresno, who are between the ages of 18 and 21. Having recently left this demographic, I’m twenty-two as of last January; I am well acquainted with many of its criticisms of Fresno.

It was these criticisms that came together as a list of “Things I hate about Fresno” in my very first Entrepreneurship class (Entrepreneurship 81) at Fresno State, and the foundations for Time Control-the first free app on the Comunikin Social Network.

1.   “There’s nothing to do but drink if we’re lucky, but usually there’s just nothing.”

The culture of drinking seems to emerge in high school (see reason 3) and reinforced each year until the age of twenty-one. Fresno’s art and music scene is definitely the jewel of its culture, but an increasing amount of Venues have turned ’21 and up ‘making it hard for younger fans to get access. As far as how and why minors are getting alcohol is simple.

40$ may buy you an awesome time at a bar, but it can also buy a small scale party in the comfort of your home. Plus you don’t have to risk the frequent check points that have made Fresno the Drunkest city in America–according to men’s health.

2.   “You’re handicapped without a car, you’re stuck in a district”

Between gas prices and the size of Fresno, without a car you are more or less stuck on your side of town. The fact that most people under the age of 21 aren’t likely to have a job that pays more than 8-9$ an hour makes gas prices a very real concern; which in turn can make frequent trips across town unreasonable financially. This problem could be solved with a better public transit system, yet somehow it hasn’t. Instead, people end up in the same side of town night after night.

Businesses suffer as well, since this makes increasing foot traffic and visitor count to different sides of town a chore.

3.   “It’s a good place to raise a family and retire.”

Go to any high school and ask the graduating class: “How many of you want to leave Fresno?” If you like this town, don’t get your hopes up. Probably the biggest victims of the previous two maladies are High School students.

If you take a bunch of kids and tell them what to do from eight in the morning to three in the afternoon, and then you set them free in a town where it’s a constant struggle to find things to do and have fun—what are the odds that they would want to stay and improve conditions? The negativity that gets directed towards Fresno is easy to understand, and it’s no wonder so many look for an escape from the middle child of California.

Time Control

Overcome through Quick and Clever planning.

Step 1:

YOU: Select what times you are free.

Time Control: Tells you which friends are available, and what events are taking place when you’re free and arranges them by the distance set by you. (Making it easy to plan for sharing rides as well as finding diverse activities and events)

Step 2:

YOU: Pick an event, invite friends.

Time Control: Maps out the destination and summarizes the information.



1.Time Control’s Social Calendar automatically gives every user access to every public event, so no more spam and no more irrelevant event requests.

2.Time Control was designed for people to spend AS LITTLE TIME as possible in planning and more time enjoying the fruits.

So this June, help us raise 10,000$ with a single pledge and bring Comunikin to your finger tips.

Kickstarter Gift Examples

Strategically choosing a donation/gift tier is key to a successful project. A thoughtful and unique gift gives the receiver a great new product, a unique understanding, makes them feel good about themselves, and even gives them bragging rights.

Don’t just think of what you think would be a great gift idea. To put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is that the your gift  extrinsically and intrinsically communicates the value of your project.  So research, ask questions, and repeat until you are confident.

Fiction Book


If the novel you’re trying to get funded was inspired by a short story, turn it into an exclusive gift. If it wasn’t inspired by one, then write one that best encapsulates your characters and captures the essence of the books.

FREE Chapters

Give out a few free chapters for each of the pledge tiers so that if they pay the highest amount they get the entire book.

Thank you page

A page in the book where the author thanks the those the pledged the most. Including a message from each of therm.

Ask yourself what effect is making pledge having on your supporter. What are they getting out of it?


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