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What Entrepreneurs can Learn from Back to the Future.

“Live as if you’re from the future”

Time-travel movies are a trend that have survived decades and continue to push our imagination with questions of do-over’s and paradoxes. With the popularity of movies like Primer and books like Michael Crichton’s Time Line, the future of time travel topics is safeguarded from disinterest. The concept that many beginning entrepreneurs can take an example from when planning their venture is best illustrated the famous teenage time traveler—Marty Mcfly. To be specific these are strategies that could be vital to the success of your project or business.

       1.Live as if you’re from the future.  If the Back to the Future was about Marty’s life in his present time period, it would more or less just be a teen-flick with a typical likeable but misanthropic teenager. But, fortunately, the story focuses on Marty trying to get back to his correct time period and not changing the time line.

Lesson: Have a five year plan for business, and make decisions based on the the future of your business.

       2.Be resourceful. Remember the scene, where Doc Brown and Marty use lightening to power the DeLorean? This is what you should learn from it.

Lesson: Compare everything you know when planning the use of resources. Hobbies, skills, acquaintances and general knowledge, used in different combinations can provide entirely different solutions. Ex: Lightening destroys a clock tower, but it can also power a time machine.

      3.Be Compelling. Not even Doc brown, who would invent the time-machine in Marty’s time, would believe him when he first told him about it. It’s only after he sees the DeLorean and the video from the future that he believes Marty and decides to help him.

Lesson. All new ideas have the disadvantage of being doubted. Just as Marty needed to prove to Doc Brown with provable evidence, but also compelled him to help with the mention of his girlfriend and his life.

       4.Be Ethical. This one comes from Doc Brown in the second installment of Back to the Future, when Doc Brown tries to prevent Marty from taking the sports almanac.

Lesson. Businesses as institutions of civilization have as much at stake when it comes to ethics as people. Though unethical decisions may allow a business owner to capitalize on an opportunity, it is at the risk of losing trust or confidence with existing and potential customers. If you don’t have that, have fun being part of the statistic of failed businesses.

Planning for the future is a step that we all have to eventually take, but for entrepreneurs of any age it’s a daily reality. It’s not an easy thing to do considering on a long enough time-line anything could happen, but by being prepared, resourceful, ethical and compelling you just might find a successful business in your future.

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